ALCYPAA Bidding Requirements

The following is a list of requirements that bidders should fulfill and present to the ALCYPAA Advisory Council at each year’s Conference.

Bidders are asked, but not required, to inform the Advisory Council Chairperson of their intent to bid and bid cities are asked to send the name and contact information of their Bid Committee Representative (BCR) to the Chairperson. Each Bid Committee is required to provide a hard copy of their bid package to the Advisory Council at the Conference.

The Council shall have the sole authority in choosing the Conference sites—remembering that the bid requirement of need is the most heavily weighted item in making the determination. Formal and Token bids (see descriptions below) will be presented at the Saturday morning Bid Session of the annual conference. In the event that no bid committee receives a two-thirds vote during the site selection meeting, the remaining bid committees will be placed in the hat and the next year’s host city will be pulled after the Saturday night meeting.

In the event that no city presents a bid or the Host Committee foresees the failure of the Conference, an emergency meeting of the Advisory Council Members shall be called without delay. All past and present Council Members will be invited to attend in order to either find a suitable site for the Conference or determine that the Conference should be suspended and establish the subsequent fate of the Council and its functions.

A Formal Bid meets the suggested bid requirements.


A Token Bid is a practice presentation for feedback and guidance that may or may not meet the bid requirements.


Bidding Requirements for Prospective Host Cities


During the bidding process, no individual or bid committee shall sign or obligate the
bid committee or ALCYPAA Advisory Council to any agreements with hotels or other
entities. Do not sign anything!


  1. At least three AA members with one (1) year of sobriety representing the bidding city should be on the bid committee.
  2. Planning of the bid shall be well grounded in the 36 principles of AA (Steps, Traditions, and Concepts).
  3. The bid committee should have commitments from at least two (2) appropriate facilities (e.g. hotels, colleges, convention centers, etc.), including the prospective/proposed dates of the conference, showing availability of banquet and speaking rooms in the hotel, and providing information as to whether or not the hotels require a commitment in the number of people attending the conference or the number of rooms/room nights rented. Please include the diagrams of the available meeting space. All costs, to both the Committee and the attendee, must be outlined including information for the site regarding coffee price, banquet room price, and hotel room rate. In regards to the site, we recommend the following: theater style meeting space for 200, 20 guest rooms (40 room nights), two breakout rooms.
  4. The bid committee should provide a permanent mailing address for the conference.
  5. Bidders must have a temporary pre-registration flyer available with a mailing address. Do not include conference dates or hotel info.
  6. To ensure that ALCYPAA operates in the spirit of cooperation, bid committees will show that no large-scale AA activity will be held in their city thirty days prior to or thirty days after the proposed Conference dates. This should be demonstrated with a letter from the AA District Chairperson (DCM) and a list of any large-scale AA activities that are scheduled near the proposed Conference dates.
  7. Prospective bidders will demonstrate financial capabilities and responsibilities within the traditions of AA as a whole and will present a registration price based on their proposed budget. Bidders will be required to provide financial records from all bid committee activities, demonstrating financial autonomy and responsibility within the spirit of AA’s Twelve Traditions.
  8. Bidders must provide a concise written statement showing the need for the conference within their area.
  9. The bid committee agrees to turn over all proceeds from their conference (after conference expenses) to the ALCYPAA advisory council should they win the bid and host the conference.
  10. There will be a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes for the presentation of each bid committee.
  11. The bid committee should be able to demonstrate an understanding and willingness to comply with all ALCYPAA bylaws and guidelines.

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